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NYŪ (njuː), carries a dual meaning - In Japanese, it translates to "milk," while it also aligns with the idea of "NEW," symbolizing innovation and continuous improvement. We aim to exemplify the spirit of the new generation, constantly striving to enhance and introduce novel concepts. The essence of NYŪ's concept, "More than just milk," signifies our dedication to delivering more than just products – we aim to provide experiences that transcend expectations.Here, we celebrate not only nutritious whole food milk, but also the dedication, hard work and intelligence of dairy producers. 


We firmly believe in the goodness of Thai ingredients and aspire to create delicious yet healthy products. Our commitment to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients is a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Serving Fresh fine Dairy direct from
farm - NYŪ 4.4

We aim to be parts of everyday life, lifting the standard of dairy and quality of our community.As well as promote "Thai Quality" to be in the top of customers mind"

Our Farm


​NYŪ dedicated to supporting Thai farmers and agriculture, recognizing that our growth is intertwined with the growth of our community. We have faith in the exceptional quality of products from Thailand and have embraced the values of "Real, Fresh, Natural" as the guiding principles of our business.

  • Farm located in Muak-lek, Saraburi surrounding by nature and clean air and one of the areas with freshest air in the world

  • "Famers know best" - We are working directly with small local farmers where we can ensure that farmers can truly receive benefit

Through our commitment to authenticity, local sourcing, and innovation, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the food industry while promoting the goodness of Thai ingredients. Our journey is driven by the shared belief that growth and success are most meaningful when they are shared with the community and when they reflect the values of integrity, quality, and innovation.

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