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Cream on Top Milk

Discover the essence of pure indulgence with our signature Cream on Top Milk, a testament to our commitment to freshness and traditional methods.


We process our milk minimally, allowing the cream to naturally rise to the top, preserving a rich, velvety texture.


Delight in the wholesome goodness of our milk, boasting a luxurious 4.4% fat content that guarantees an unparalleled taste experience.


Embrace the tradition, savor the richness, and elevate your daily dairy ritual with our exceptional cream on top milk

  1. Pure Origins: We start with the freshest milk from carefully selected sources, ensuring a high-quality foundation for our Cream on Top Milk.

  2. Non-Homogenization: Unlike conventional methods, we embrace the old-world practice of non-homogenization. This means that we other and pasteurisation, we don't disrupt the natural state of the milk's fat globules.

  3. Natural SeparationOver time, these fat globules naturally rise to the top, creating a distinct layer of cream. This process is a gentle dance of physics, as the cream, with its lower density, elegantly floats above the rest of the milk.

  4. Preserving Tradition: We bottle our milk without subjecting it to homogenization, preserving the cream on top and the authentic, unaltered richness that defines our product.

  5. 4.4% Fat Perfection: Our Cream on Top Milk proudly carries a 4.4% fat content, providing a sumptuous, creamy texture that enhances every sip.

"Simple, Fresh,

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